A Touch of the Beat 2 LP Vinyl

A Touch of the Beat 2 LP Vinyl

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Standard Black 2 LP

a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun, the newest studio album from always evolving sister duo Aly & AJ, is due out May 7th.

Pressed on 2x12” heavyweight 180g black vinyl, this 45 rpm pressing will come inside a Stoughton tip-on gatefold record jacket.

The album was produced by Yves Rothman, mixed by Yves Rothman, Jesse Lee Newport, Michael Ilbert, and Adam Hawkins and mastered by Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood at The Lodge, NY.

The record includes contributions from Nancy Wilson, Melissa Etheridge, Jack Tatum of Wild Nothing, Jorge Elbrecht, James McAlister, Samuel Stewart, Thomas Drayton, Ben Zelico, Joe Kennedy, Jake Bercovici, Amir Yaghmai, Sylvain Carton, Stewart Bronaugh, and Derek Stein.

Recorded at the legendary Sunset Sound, this is the music Aly & AJ were “born to make.”

“There’s nothing more satisfying then sitting in a room asking the universe to humbly bring you the bones of a song. Especially when you have a creative genius as your producer (Yves Rothman) constantly encouraging you to not jump ship, and to trust the process. We started conversations around making a full album together way back in early 2019, but it wasn’t until a writing trip in the fall that the record started to take shape. There were many discussions over the sound of this record, the overall tone, and what we wanted to accomplish. Yves made us feel free to be exactly who we were. That we needed to show people that we were two American girls who grew up in the Valley in LA that intend on putting out positive, inspirational, but also revealing and honest writing into the world. 

We weirdly held an unnatural confidence over the recording & writing process this year (even when things would start and stop given all of the Covid shutdowns). It was like we were meant to make this music regardless of the world falling into the abyss because it was the record we were always born to make.

That’s what music is all about though at the end of the day. The SONGS! The way it makes you feel, the memories you associate with it, the healing it brings, the celebration a chorus delivers you when your windows are rolled down and life feels perfect for that one fleeting moment. The feeling of getting back out into the sun.”

-Aly & AJ


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